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Hello! I am Raven Porter, a New York-based UX/UI student at Thinkful. I am a Louisiana State University graduate majoring in Studio Art with a concentration in graphic design. While at Louisiana State University, I established and grew my passion for art and design.

Some of the courses that fascinated me most were typography, where I first learned to use type to create a dynamic story, and an art course called the Study of Graphic design, where I took a week-long trip to London to learn more about graphic design with a hands-on workshop.

Outside of the classroom, my experience as a baker allowed me to express my love for food creatively, and I became obsessed with trying new things. During my time in college, I used my love for baking to generate extra cash and created a beautiful bakery and brand called Corner Sto Bakery.

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Now I am embarking on a new career by incorporating my graphic/visual design skills and mixing them with organizational skills to create a passionate career in UI design. I have realized that UI designers play an essential role in today's digital world as they create interfaces with which people interact daily. My creativity and technical knowledge help make any product or service more enjoyable for users.

I have an in-depth understanding of UI design principles, with expertise in creating wireframe prototypes and graphic design and helping conduct user research. My portfolio includes projects to demonstrate my well-rounded skills in UX design. In addition, I am crafting beautiful experiences with a human-centered design approach.

Bringing together the perfect blend of creativity and empathy. While also baking up delicious treats and designing engaging products. My expertise in visual design has enabled me to create engaging user interfaces that are visually appealing and effective in meeting user needs.

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